Panasonic Attune® II Wireless DECT Drive-Thru Communication System


 Clear Communications with Attune - most durable & advanced sound technology in the industry

 Attune delivers superior digital audio performance through four key features: 

  • Operates on a restricted 1.9GHz band with a regulated Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) voice technology protocol for interference-free communications. (Conventional systems operate on the unrestricted and more interference-prone 2.4GHz band used by Wi-Fi and cellular phones).
  • Attune uses true digital packet diversity, virtually eliminating communication dead spots and signal fading for exceptionally strong clarity and reception.
  • Advanced Digital Noise Cancelling blocks practically all ambient noise.
  • Echo Cancel provides clearer communications with no background reverberation

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Say goodbye to drive-thru miscommunication and lost orders. Attune II actively reduces ambient noise up to 4 times so your employees can hear your customers and get orders right the first time.


The Attune II touchscreen multimedia center module integrates live security camera feeds so your drive-thru operators can see, as well as hear, your customers. Designed for maximum simplicity, the Attune II center module makes system management, recording greetings, even backing up — easier than ever.

  • Designed for the reality of QSRs
  • Touchscreen access to live surveillance feeds
  • Built to take whatever your employees dish out
  • Silence: the sweet sound of your success
  • Manager systemwide headset overview capability




By connecting the Center Module and All-In-One Headsets or Belt Packs wirelessly, it is possible to communicate between the
All-In-One Headsets or Belt Packs or between the All-In-One Headsets or Belt Packs and the customers at the order post.



With Attune II, conversations are smoother, orders flow faster and customers are far happier.

  • Our clients asked us to put an end to frustrating drive-thru conversations that force customers and employees to repeat themselves again and again which slows down the queue and costs money.
  • Our answer? Attune II™ — a redesigned headset with the most sophisticated noise-reduction technology we have ever developed for Food Service.

 Panasonic's Attune II digital drive-thru system has unmatched sound quality, reduces order errors, and eliminates the need to reconfirm an order. The system includes increased Digital Noise Reduction (DNR) that can remove both constant and fluctuating noise, improved echo cancellation and volume control. While many conventional digital drive-thru order-taking systems operate on the unrestricted 2.4 GHz band and are subject to interference from other devices, Attune II operates on the restricted 1.9 GHz band with a new DECT repeater. This provides for clear, reliable, interference-free communication with an increased range and eliminates bulky antennas. Additionally, no FCC licenses are required for operation.

Advanced DNR (digital noise reduction) technology employs a 3-microphone array to capture and cancel unwanted ambient noise such as refrigerators and microwaves, and burst noises such as ice scooping and buzzers. It also blocks heavier background noises, such as traffic, trains and planes.

One of the lightest headsets in the industry, the new Attune II HD3 is easy to wear and easy to use. With a simplified user interface and cable-less headband, your employees will be comfortable wearing it even longer. And, with specially-designed tactile touch buttons, employees can be certain when their audio is on. So the possibility of an accidental microphone snafu is eliminated.

Everything about the new Attune II HD3 was designed with Quick-Service in mind, all the way down to its interface. Program it from the comfort of your desk, without the need for a center module. A swappable battery design ensures that your operation stays up and running without the need to dock headsets or purchase additional backups for longer shifts.

Attune delivers better digital performance through an expert spread spectrum design. Conventional order-taking systems typically operate on the unrestricted 2.4 GHz band, which can experience severe interference from such things as microwave ovens, cellular phones and wireless network routers (WiFi). Attune utilizes a restricted 1.9 GHz band, with a regulated Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) voice technology protocol, for interference-free communications with no FCC fee required. Attune provides exceptional reception and sound quality through the use of true digital packet diversity, virtually eliminating communication dead spots and signal fading. Plus, Attune offers Advanced Digital Noise Reduction to virtually eliminate ambient noise and an Echo Canceller for clearer communications with no background echo interference.


  • The lightweight and sleek styled 455 all-in-one (AIO) headset is engineered for durability in rigorous environments
  • Full day battery, up to 25 hours, charge in 4 hours or less and cannot over charge
  • User-friendly base station makes initial set up and telephone troubleshooting fast and easy – no difficult codes to decipher or look up
  • Program the manager’s headset for additional external device functions, including one-touch activation from the order taker, and receipt of voice prompts to indicate attention is needed in a specific area of the store.



Why Panasonic

As a leader in food service systems, Panasonic has implemented highly successful POS solutions for a number of major QSRs in thousands of restaurants worldwide. We understand the challenges of the industry and work with you to develop customized solutions designed to give you a better ROI at a lower TCO.

  • Panasonic has nearly 35 years of experience providing durable, reliable point-of-sale solutions to restaurants worldwide.
  • Well over 1,000,000 Panasonic POS workstations have been placed around the world.
  • Our Attune® II Digital Drive-Thru System uses the restricted 1.9 GHz band with DECT protocol for interference-free communication.
  • The Attune all-in-one is proven the most rugged, durable headset on the market featuring fewer and less costly repairs than leading competitors.



Panasonic is famous for their ToughBooks.  Toughbooks have faithfully served the military and police for many years.  Now Panasonic Attune brought that durability to communications!





■ The WX-CC411 is designed for single lane operation. The WX-CC412 is designed for dual lane operation.
■ A system compliant with the 1.9 GHz band DECT* standard is used so the voices of the store personnel and customers are heard clearly and distinctly even in open areas, and interference is minimal, resulting in stable communication.
* Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications
■ A high degree of vocal clarity is ensured by a powerful echo canceller and digital noise reduction (Digital Noise Reduction).
■ The total number of Headsets that can be registered is 32. Up to four operators can communicate at the same time per lane.
■ The cabinet supports wall-mounting for easy installation.
■ This unit has a 7-Type LCD display with a touch panel, and is easy to operate.
■ This unit can be connected to an IP network using Ethernet to enable remote control operations to be performed.
■ Using an SD card, it is possible to back up and restore the settings, and save messages unique to the outlet.
■ The system contains a scheduler to enable the greeter message to be changed at designated times and reminder messages to be played back automatically.
■ Up to four Network Cameras made by Panasonic can be registered, and their images can be monitored on this unit’s LCD display.
■ Alert signals that have been received can be sent to the All-In-One Headsets or Belt Packs, signals can be output to external devices, and alert emails can be sent to external destinations.



HEADSET AIO Features at a glance
  • Single and dual lane functionality
  • Triple Microphone Array, Active Noise Reduction
  • Lighted mic boom shows assigned lane and talk status
  • PTT/PTP and Talk/Page Lock modes
  • Light weight (<100g)
  • Can sound an alert from the headset
  • Manager’s headset mode
  • Regional Manager’s headset


Touch screen access to live surveillance feeds
The Attune II touch screen, multimedia center module integrates live security camera feeds so your drive-thru operators can see, as well as hear, our customers. Designed for maximum simplicity, the Attune II center module makes system management, recording greetings, even backing up - easier than ever. and are operated by Comvox Systems LLC, an authorized Panasonic Reseller; Panasonic Prime Partner.  This site is not operated by or associated with Panasonic Corporation of North America.  All Trademarks are the property of their respective owners.   

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